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Mitch Kostoulakos

Mitch Kostoulakos commented on a discussion in Logistics Consulting.

  • Mitch KostoulakosMitch Kostoulakos I agree that customer service is at least inconsistent. Providers are driving productivity in operations and this extends to customer service. Clients can improve their customer experience however. See my post  Customer Service Blues @ more 31s ago

Comment on AST&L certification

Here is my comment on a discussion in American Society of Transportation and Logistics


  • Mitch Kostoulakos

    International Logistics and Regulatory Consulting

    AST&L certification process is rigorous as is APICS. I would say that AST&L is for logistics and transportation practitioners while APICS includes inventory and procurement. I value my CTL but agree with the comments that it is not widely recognized. AST&L needs to raise the profile to the same level as APICS certification. Professionals looking for advanced education need to be practical about how they use their time and must consider how the certificate will help their career.


Best Practices in Global Classification Compliance

This afternoon I participated in a webinar presented by Customs Info/Descartes on “Best Practices in Global Classification Compliance”. The first half of the webinar consisted of a good refresher about classification compliance. The Customs Modification Act requirement of reasonable care was defined as a solid process of research support and documentation. The presenter reminded the audience that:

  • Classification is subjective- tariff schedules do not necessarily keep up with technology
  • Customs definitions can differ from industry definitions
  • Different interpretations exist between countries and also between ports within the same country


The basic components of a best in class process are:

  1. Break down items from universe into groups
  2. Research- even if you think you know the correct classification is a good tool
  3. Identify necessary info needed for classification such as materials, dimensions, intended use, etc
  4. Documentation- needed to support your determination
  5. Automation- implementing a software classification tool will improve efficiency and productivity
  6. On-going maintenance and monitoring for changes in HTS binding rulings and in your products is essential


Supporting documentation includes

  • spec sheets, drawings, photos
  • info requests from engineers, scientists, chemists, etc
  • HTS chapter and section notes that apply to your product
  • explanatory notes
  • informed compliance publications
  • customs rulings that apply to your product
  • record keeping (5 years)


Contact Ad Hoc Logistics for help with classification and compliance.