Are you taking the Customs Broker exam in April?

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Are you taking the Customs Broker exam in April? If you are planning to take the customs brokers exam in April you should be well into your preparations by now. Passing rates are usually in the single digits so the exam is not easy. However, a step by step study plan will give you confidence. I devised a simple method that worked well for me. Read the attached post for details and best of luck.

USMCA Trade Deal

I just participated in another very informative KPMG webcast. The topic was The USMCA Trade Deal- The Way Forward. Here are some highlights from my notes:

  • USMCA is not NAFTA 2.0, it is much more complex
  • Full ratification is expected by all 3 countries when Canada completes review by early March 2020
  • In force 3 months later most likely July 2020
  • Summary of outcomes includes 5 areas…. Labor, Dispute Settlement, Environmental Provisions, Intellectual Property Rights, Rules of Origin
  • Overview of Agreement; 34 chapters, 13 annexes, 12 side letters
  • Includes uniform regulations and marking rules (not yet released) for all 3 countries

In the biggest differences with the NAFTA agreement, USMCA includes new regulations in the areas of digital trade, e commerce, rules of origin, express shipments, de minimis allowance, and environmental standards. No doubt these changes will have a big impact on supply chains. Trade professionals will be challenged as they get up to speed.