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Anyone who has ever taken the CBLE (Customs Broker License Exam) knows that it is very challenging. Many of the questions seem obscure even to experienced brokers. Here is an opportunity to submit questions for future exams.

CBP welcomes the submittal of new questions for future broker exams.  Please submit your questions to with “Future Exam Questions” in the subject line. 

Select HERE for the Guidelines on writing new questions.

Look Inside

You may be looking to add a logistics or compliance pro to your staff and, understandably, want to make a good selection. In the meantime let me suggest training your shippers in some export compliance basics. I have always warned that compliance should not be left to a busy shipping department. However, a few hours of training is a good investment as it will enable shippers to spot possible export violations before shipments leave your dock. It will also allow your new professional to focus on more strategic matters and hit the ground running.

Ad Hoc Logistics has several copyrighted training programs to get you started. Contact mitch@ for info.

A to Z of Managing Logistics

Exporting for Smart People ( Because You’re No Dummy)

Red Flag Screening for Exports

LinkedIn Comment- LCB Revocations

Jim Dickeson – Trade Compliance Geek• 🌏 Global trade is my passion | Trade compliance is my game | Chocolate is my weakness1d •

Anybody you know? Did you file your last triennial status report? It’s one way to get your name in the Federal Register. I know several on this list, but I believe they’ve all retired.

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB Ad Hoc Logistics LLC, Licensed Customs Broker, International Logistics Consultant

Checking the list is a good idea. The license is not easy to obtain so need to protect it. Surprised at the number of revocations.

Exporters, still using Schedule B?

Most exporters I have worked with use Schedule B codes on their documents and for their EEI filings. Schedule B and HTS codes do not always match, so clients often need to maintain two lists.

If you are maintaining separate parts lists for HTS and Schedule B codes this could be a time saver. Check out the Notice to Exporters on the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (2022 Basic Edition as well as Revisions).

Exporters may use HTS codes in place of Schedule B. Go to and choose the view tab. As always, there are exceptions, but you may be able to avoid toggling between lists.

Contact mitch@ for classification help.

Unmanaged Logistics

Many of my clients are hard-working owners or operators of small businesses. They don’t have in-house compliance or logistics expertise, so must wear several hats. Day to day activities or unexpected issues take up most working hours. As a result, functions such as logistics planning and import/export compliance are often unmanaged or left entirely to LSPs (Logistics Service Providers).

Making sure that your business is in compliance with import and export regulations is good risk management as well as good business. Think of it as insurance. A few basic steps can make a big difference and can be implemented quickly.

Ad Hoc Logistics can provide step by step guidelines, train your employees, and set up sustainable procedures. Our copyrighted programs include:

Exporting for Smart People- Because You’re No Dummy

Red Flag Screening

A to Z of Managing Logistics

Contact for info.

LinkedIn Comment- LCB value

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB commented on this

Nadeem Virk, LCB• 2ndUsing Trade Compliance to Help You Grow | Licensed Customs Broker (LCB) | Founder and CEO @ VTC5h • 

If you have a couple of year’s worth of trade compliance experience, that LCB designation isn’t going to boost you up that much.

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB Ad Hoc Logistics LLC, Licensed Customs Broker, International Logistics Consultant

Curious post. As an LCB you know how difficult it is to obtain the license. Why de-value the accomplishment?

Global Entry

We are happy to be traveling again after a 2 year hiatus. Just returned from Newfoundland and Labrador with memories of a spectacular landscape, friendly people, and excellent seafood. Unfortunately flight delays are a fact of life today. However, Global Entry enabled us to sail through Customs very quickly upon return to the US. We have used it for several previous trips and recommend it to travelers.

Next up Montreal and Quebec City!