Export Compliance (cont.)

In a previous post I discussed the importance of an Export Management Compliance Program. Implementing an EMCP is a major undertaking so it is often delayed for lack of resources. While you may be in this position, there are still valid export compliance steps that you can take. The first step in export compliance is to review Schedule B codes used for export and confirm that AES entries are correct. On 6/24 I participated in a Census Bureau webinar titled “The Basics of Export Compliance: Classifying Your Product”. This training proved to be a good review for me and would be very helpful for export compliance novices. Topics covered included:

  • Schedule B search engine demo
  • How to use headings
  • Difference between Harmonized codes and Schedule B
  • In depth discussion of the 6 General Rules of Interpretation
  • “Essential Character” defined
  • “End Use” determination


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Customs Brokers Exam- October 2014

Are you thinking about taking the Customs Brokers Exam? If so think about baseball or something pleasant until the urge passes. The exam is given in April and October. Next exam date is October 6, 2014 and registration will open on the CBP website in July.  The brokers exam has proven to be more difficult to pass than the bar exam. Typical passing rates range from 3-11% nationally. Results have not yet been posted for the April 2014 exam but the passing rate for October 2013 was 11%. If you plan to take the October exam my advice is to start preparing now. I described the techniques that worked for me in a November 2013 post archived under “Nuts and Bolts”.


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Recent Projects

Two recent projects involved a review of the parcel industry and an analysis of the customs broker industry with a focus on remote location filing. Both projects were for a major consulting firm.



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Old Dog Learns New Tricks

I am well organized but I did pick up some new techniques at a Southern New Hampshire University seminar on 6/10. The seminar was “Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects” (National Seminars Training) and the presenter was Laura Simms of ProfessorDoctorMom LLC.

My background includes stints as a corporate trainer and training supervisor so I know good training when I see it. This was definitely good training. Laura is dynamic, knowledgeable, and thorough. Some of the topics covered were: Fast planning, establishing priorities, time management, and Outlook tips. Highly recommended.

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Export Compliance

Implementing a formal Export Management Compliance Program can be quite intimidating especially for small and medium sized companies. An EMCP requires a significant commitment of time  on the part of management and usually involves hiring an outside consultant for the initial set up. There is no question that a written EMCP is a good investment for any company to make. An EMCP establishes clear accountability, written instructions, and reduces risk of non compliance. If the exporter has not experienced problems or incurred any fines it is easy to make an EMCP a “back burner” issue. If your company has not implemented an EMCP it is still good business practice to take some basic compliance steps. While these steps cannot take the place of a written EMCP they will help reduce risk of non compliance.  To get started I suggest the following:

  • Review and confirm correct Harmonized and Schedule B codes
  • Check EAR regulations for correct exemption codes and license or NLR designations
  • If exporting under ITAR you need a responsible trained officer
  • Check common “Red Flags” such as denied parties lists, entities lists, and unverified lists
  • Review export documentation for possible improvements


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Logistics Consulting Comments

Mitch Kostoulakos commented on a discussion in Logistics Consulting.

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