Export Compliance (cont.)

In a previous post I discussed the importance of an Export Management Compliance Program. Implementing an EMCP is a major undertaking so it is often delayed for lack of resources. While you may be in this position, there are still valid export compliance steps that you can take. The first step in export compliance is to review Schedule B codes used for export and confirm that AES entries are correct. On 6/24 I participated in a Census Bureau webinar titled “The Basics of Export Compliance: Classifying Your Product”. This training proved to be a good review for me and would be very helpful for export compliance novices. Topics covered included:

  • Schedule B search engine demo
  • How to use headings
  • Difference between Harmonized codes and Schedule B
  • In depth discussion of the 6 General Rules of Interpretation
  • “Essential Character” defined
  • “End Use” determination


Ad Hoc Logistics can help your company with export compliance. If you need help with Schedule B codes contact  adhoclogistics.com