Schedule B and Harmonized Codes

Ad Hoc Logistics is working with a New England engineering company to verify classification of commodities for export and the subject of Schedule B numbers and Harmonized codes came up for discussion. The link shown below is to  FAQ’s at the website. These FAQ’s explain the difference between Schedule B and Harmonized codes pretty well so I won’t elaborate. As I explained to the client, Schedule B is for export from the US and Harmonized codes are for imports. Both are based on the HTS system in which the first 6 digits are universal. Importing countries can ( and do) use their own last 4 or 6 digits. So, since a US export is another country’s import, the Schedule B used for export may not match up exactly to the importing country’s harmonized code. As noted in a previous post, codes are updated annually so it is a good business practice to check and verify your data. Let me know if you need help.