World Bank Logistics Performance Index

The World Bank has posted their Logistics Performance Index for 2014. The index benchmarks 6 areas of performance and gives nations a score from 1-5 for each area. The benchmarks are 1) Efficiency of customs clearance process, 2) Quality of trade related infrastructure,  3) Ease of arranging competitive pricing for shipments,  4) Competence and quality of logistics services,  5) Ability to track and trace shipments,  and 6) Timeliness of shipments in reaching destination within scheduled time of arrival.

For 2014 the US ranks 9th overall with an average score of 3.92 for the 6 benchmarks. Surprisingly, the highest US score is 4.18 for infrastructure, and the lowest is 3.73 for customs clearance.

The 8 nations ranking higher than the US are:




United Kingdom






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