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University of North Florida’s 22nd CTL Cohort Graduation

University of North Florida's 22nd CTL Cohort GraduationThis cohort was very diverse. In the beginning, they weren’t so sure about giving up their Friday nights and Saturdays. But as we proceeded, we heard time and again from these students how they wished they’d taken the course years ago!

This was the first cohort to include remote attendees, with two people from Tampa participating in live feed classes. The students ranged from young people just entering the workforce to experienced practitioners close to retirement. Job titles spanned responsibilities from “Coordinator” to “Colonel.” Those of us who teach and oversee the program felt like we were the lucky ones to have learned so much from this group. We look forward to hearing about their successes!

The 25th Cohort begins January 15, 2015. Register today!

Lori Fredrick, Program Director


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The Value of Professional Certification

Mitch Kostoulakos, CTL, Ad Hoc Logistics LLCI recently completed recertification of my CTL (Certified Transportation and Logistics) through AST&L (American Society of Transportation and Logistics). I believe that professional certifications are a valuable credential. Professionals prefer to do business with other professionals.

Chances are if you’re looking to hire an accountant, financial planner or engineer, their credentials are important to you. Preference goes to the accountant who is a CPA, the financial planner who holds the CFP designation and the engineer who has earned PE status. Why should the field of transportation and logistics be any different? Read more.

Mitch Kostoulakos, CTL, Ad Hoc Logistics LLC