What About My CTL?

I have  held the CTL certification since 1998. This credential (Certified Transportation and Logistics) is attained by passing a series of exams and completing a research project. The program is rigorous and the certification is well earned. As many AST&L members will attest, the CTL is relatively unknown even within the field of transportation and logistics. I have been asked on occasion if pursuing the CTL is worthwhile and always reply that the effort is a rewarding personal achievement but I cannot honestly say that the CTL has been a big advantage professionally.

Now that AST&L and APICS have announced a proposed merger, I have questions about the CTL long term. The announcement on AST&L’s website includes a statement in the FAQ’s that there will be no changes to designations “in the short term”. I intend to vote in favor of the merger because of the advantages APICS offers in terms of highly recognized certifications and active chapters. I am a member of AST&L’s Education Committee and recently completed the first ever CTL re-certification program. With this significant investment in the CTL, I would like to see stronger affirmation from APICS that the CTL will be maintained and promoted.