Got Wicked Problems?

Posted on LinkedIn today:

I came across the term “wicked problem” in the text for an International Supply Chain Management course. A wicked problem involves multiple stakeholders, each with different interests and values. As a result, there is no single common goal , no clear mission, and no universal solution. Any solution, after being implemented, will generate waves of consequences and can result in making the problem worse. A suggested framework for tackling a wicked problem consists of 4 levels of increasing complexity: Level 1- Process Engineering and inventory management. Level 2- Assets and Infrastructure. Level 3- Organizations and Inter-organizational networks. Level 4- the Macro Environment- PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and Tech). Fortunately, not all logistics problems are wicked problems. In most cases logistics problems are tactical and can be solved using Level 1 and 2 solutions. Supply chain issues are strategic and more complex so best suited to Levels 3 and 4. *Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management