Let Shippers Ship- Revisited

During our initial consultations clients often tell me that their shipping departments are responsible for screening exports for red flags and denied parties/unverified parties. This is a mistake for several reasons.

  • Pressure to get shipments out the door can get in the way of due diligence
  • Shipping personnel may lack training in export compliance
  • Shippers most likely do not have authority to stop orders when they spot red flags
  • Time and money wasted in processing orders all the way through to packing and shipping only to be stopped or cancelled
  • In the event of a mistake there is no final check when the truck backs up to the dock

Export compliance, list screening, and checking for red flags should be a front end process and not a last minute shipping function. Let your shippers do what they do best by moving the freight but don’t expect them to be regulatory experts.

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