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Pete Mento • 2ndManaging Director Global Customs and Duties, Crowe LLP4h • Edited • Here’s a reality slap for you: There are only about 14,500 Licensed Customs House Brokers in US. And let’s be serious – a significant portion are retired or not engaged in license focused activities. I would guess less than half are actually working, licensed Trade Professionals. Given the horror stories of the way people were treated taking the last exam, how difficult CBP makes taking it, the absurdity of NCBFFA’s ideas of monetizing and monopolizing our continuing education and how we are outrageously undervalued ….We are ripe to unionize. And no, I’m not joking. The argument back will be that automation and systems are overcoming the need for the insights of brokers. If you are under that impression, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Importing and global trade is only becoming more difficult. The process of becoming a broker needs to evolve to reflect that. Apprenticeships, comprehensive exams, multiple levels of licensure and real continuing education developed by CBP in conjunction with a non biased group of people not in it for the cash must be considered. And we have to find a way to bring more young professionals into this line of work as we are – literally – dying and retiring off at an alarming rate. hashtag#importhashtag#logisticshashtag#tradehashtag#NCBFFAhashtag#globaltradehashtag#shipping…see

Sign me up Pete. Compliance and regulatory expertise is worth a lot more than brokers are being paid. Entries will continue to be commoditized and automated but they are just the tip of the iceburg.