EAR99 and NLR…are you sure?

Most shippers by now are quite comfortable submitting ACE Export (formerly AES) filings. I have found, though, that EAR99 and NLR are often entered by default. While these may be the correct entries, it is a good business practice to check and confirm.

As part of any Export Management Program, exporters need to make sure they are using correct commodity classifications and license exceptions. While freight forwarders can provide expertise in these areas the exporter bears primary responsibility for compliance. If you are automatically using NLR and EAR 99 you may be at risk.  According to EAR part 732 “For items subject to EAR but not listed in CCL the proper classification is EAR 99. EAR 99 is a basket for items not specified under CCL and appears at the end of each Category on the CCL.”

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