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Heather Noggle • 2ndExport Compliance Data Expert | Master Data Integration Consultant | CEO Exits, Inc. | Helping Companies Manage Data4d • 4 days agoI’ve been working with a remote team for the last 14 years. We serve customers everywhere without a central location. Tips for the new home-based workers: 1) A regular meal in the middle of the day with the other humans around you does wonders. 2) Laundry and other small chores are great for brain processing. Do not feel guilty doing symbiotic chores/thinking. 3) You’ll need to remind yourself to move more often. 4) It’s very easy to lose track of time. You’re more productive at home – typically – and the movements and conversations of others aren’t present and cueing some of your own social behaviors. 5) This one’s new – stop reading about the Coronavirus every hour. I think this one I am directing at myself. Cheers to all. hashtag#remoteworkhashtag#remoteculture

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB   Licensed Customs Broker, International Logistics Consultant

Agree….I have been working remotely for a number of years. What may come as a surprise is how much more productive you can be! Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB’S comment