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Dean Maciuba 

Marek, I disagree with your comments regarding legacy mind-sets at UPS/FedEx as both are well run companies and have huge customer bases to serve. There enormous size, much larger than European carriers, make it harder to implement change, yet both carriers are changing dramatically.  Cultural consumer differences do drive how US consumers use/access carrier resources versus European based consumers, like how consumers use access points, but things like parcel locker availability/usage are just a small part of both carrier’s global networks. Look at the size and scope of FedEx/UPS global operations, with both carrier’s operating in every European country and practically no European carriers operating in the US. Also, FedEx is the largest cargo carrier in the world and no single European carrier can match UPS/FedEx reach, FedEx being the largest cargo carrier on the planet. Both carriers do have legacy cost issues that they are both addressing and FedEx will adjust to the Amazon threat. Now, the USPS is struggling with numerous organizational problems. 

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB   

Dean, your posts have described how UPS and FedEx are making dramatic changes. Certainly these changes are like turning an aircraft carrier due to the size and scope of these operations. Legacy mindset does exist but it can also be a positive factor in establishing the values and culture of service in both UPS and FedEx.