Think You Know the HTS?

Clients frequently say “we’ve used the same harmonized codes for years”. As a Licensed Customs Broker and consultant this tells me that I need to do some checking on the client’s behalf.

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule code is a 10-digit import classification system that is specific to the United States. HTS codes, also called HTS numbers, are administered by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).

Customs brokers use the HTS, along with CBP regulations, in their day to day business. Importers and traders may also make use of the HTS in determining duty rates. Checking the validity of harmonized codes at least semi-annually is a good business practice. What may be surprising is the frequency of revisions to the HTS.

The tariff archives show that the 2020 HTS was revised 28 times. The 2021 version already lists 3 preliminary revisions.

Year: 2021 Releases

2021 Preliminary Revision 3

2021 Preliminary Revision 2

2021 Preliminary Revision 1

Year: 2020 Releases

2021 Preliminary Edition

2020 Revision 28

2020 Revision 27

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