Heads Up Exporters

In a recent post we discussed why auditing EEI filings is a good business practice. If you are a self filer is anyone checking the accuracy of your submissions? Does your freight forwarder have an audit procedure in place if they are filing for you? Here is the risk of a “file it and forget it” policy:

ยง 30.71 False or fraudulent reporting on or misuse of the Automated Export System.

(a) Criminal penalties –

(1) Failure to file; submission of false or misleading information. Any person, including USPPIs, authorized agents or carriers, who knowingly fails to file or knowingly submits, directly or indirectly, to the U.S. Government, false or misleading export information through the AES, shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than five years, or both, for each violation.

Are you aware of these potential filing errors?

A common misconception is that EEI and Commercial Invoice value should match. This is actually not correct unless inland freight costs are added to both. 


The new mandatory filing requirement in Section 758.1(b)(10) applies to all items that have an ECCN and are destined to China, Russia, or Venezuela, regardless of value, end use or end user. 

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