19% Pass Customs Broker Exam

CBP has posted this information on their website:

The bi-annual Customs broker license exam (CBLE) was administered on April 21, 2021.  The electronic exam was held nationwide at over 120 testing locations and via remote proctor delivery. The exam results letters were emailed to the examinees on June 4, 2021. First appeals for the April 2021 exam are due to CBP no later than August 3, 2021.

The April 21, 2021 CBLE resulted in a 19% pass rate prior to appeal decisions. 

The October 8, 2020 CBLE resulted in a 37% pass rate prior to appeal decisions. 

Congratulations to those who passed the exam! Previous passing rates have rarely been higher than 10-15% so the test is obviously not easy. If you are planning to take the exam in October 2021 and would like some study tips I am happy to share what worked for me.

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