Fast or Accurate Classifications ?

How many classifications per hour should a Licensed Customs Broker be able to complete? This question came up in a recent LinkedIn discussion and resulted in many comments. In my opinion it is not possible to answer the question accurately and even providing a range is problematic. A thorough classification includes HTS lookup, GRI (General Rules of Interpretation) review, checking notes and CROSS (Customs Rulings Online Search System). This is the procedural aspect of classification but there is more. Most commodities require interpretation of the tariff language based on experience. Finally, the process needs to be documented for future reference and parts lists updated.

As an independent consultant and Licensed Customs Broker my most frequent client requests are for classification help. While some commodities are easy to classify, most require research and interpretation. Here is an example of an easy one with no research or interpretation needed:

9506.69.2040 Baseballs

Here is one which is more challenging and time consuming:

8532.10.00 00 Fixed capacitors designed for use in 50/60 Hz circuits and having a reactive power handling capacity of not less than 0.5 kvar (power capacitors).

So what’s your goal; fast or accurate?

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