The Waters Edge

Assisting clients with export compliance is a big part of my consulting practice as well as a steady topic of blog posts. As logistics and compliance managers know, there are plenty of regulations on the export side of international transactions. However, this only brings us to the waters edge (or land borders with Canada and Mexico). US exports are other countries’ imports and they all have different regulations.

Some of the recent challenges overcome by a very diligent client included:

How to be Importer of Record (IOR) in the UK without a physical presence.

How to engage an Indirect Representative.

How to defer VAT. How to bill duties.

Are EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) and VAT numbers in place for both UK and EU? Remember UK is no longer in the EU.

Is one EORI number sufficient for all EU countries?

Is a VAT number needed for individual EU destination countries?

Can EU customs broker also act as freight forwarder or make recommendations for movement within EU?

Are last mile and delivery arrangements in place?

It is not easy to obtain all these answers in advance but a little planning goes a long way. Contact mitch@ for assistance.