Checked Your CI Lately?

Along with airbills and ocean bills of lading, the commercial invoice is one of the primary documents in international trade. While there is no standard format for a CI, specific information is critical. Here is a question from the October 2021 CBLE (Customs Broker License Exam). If you don’t know the correct answer it may be time to review your commercial invoice. Link to the answer key below.

  1. Which piece of information is NOT a requirement on a commercial invoice?
    A. All rebates, drawbacks, and bounties, separately itemized, allowed upon the exportation of the merchandise
    B. An itemized list by name and amount of packing, cases, containers, and inland freight to the port of exportation, if included in the invoice price, and so identified
    C. The kind of currency, whether gold, silver or paper
    D. The port of entry to which the merchandise is destined
    E. The name of a responsible employee of the exporter, who has knowledge, or who can readily obtain knowledge, of the transaction

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