Got In-House Training?

LinkedIn contacts and outreach from search firms tell me that logistics and compliance expertise is in demand. This is good news for experienced professionals. It may also present an opportunity for ambitious shippers to upgrade their skills.

You may be looking to add a logistics or compliance pro to your staff and, understandably, want to make a good selection. In the meantime let me suggest training your shippers in some export compliance basics. I have always warned that compliance should not be left to a busy shipping department as the factors are complex and need to begin early in the order cycle. However, a few hours of training is a good investment, enabling shippers to spot possible export violations before shipments leave your dock. It will also allow your new professional to focus on more strategic matters and hit the ground running.

BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) offers basic on-line export training at no cost. Why not improve the skills of your existing staff (on company time of course)?

Ad Hoc Logistics can also help with specific training at your site. Contact mitch@