Got Alphabet Soup?

As noted in previous posts, HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) or Schedule B classification is the first step in export compliance. Other critical factors are ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) or EAR99, License/License Exception or NLR (No License Required), and Country of Origin. We’ll cover ECCN in this post.

Order of Review– Determine if your commodity is subject to the EAR (Export Administration Regulations). Use BIS decision tree.

CCL (Commerce Control List)– If your commodity falls under the EAR it is either EAR99 or requires an ECCN. EAR99 means that an item is subject to Export Administration Regulations but is not listed with a specific ECCN. Check the CCL.

CCL Index- The CCL is not especially user friendly but the CCL Index is a good resource. If you find your commodity in the index you can then dig deeper into the CCL.

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