October CBLE Posted

The October 2022 CBLE (Customs Broker License Exam) and Answer Key have been posted to the CBP website. While recent pass rates have been a little higher, the exam remains quite challenging. If you have thought about sitting for the exam take a look at some previous versions:


Here is one of the easier questions from the October 2022 CBLE. What’s your answer?

39. Fish are caught by a Norwegian flagged vessel in international waters off the coast of Portugal. The fish are kept either whole or filleted on board. The fish is sent to Spain, where it is cut, seasoned, battered, pre-fried and frozen. The frozen fish is consolidated with other frozen foods into a container in Ireland and exported from the Port of Dublin to the US. What is the country of origin of the frozen fish?
A) Portugal
B) Spain
C) Norway
D) European Union
E) Ireland