CBP, Is this what you want?

The pass rate for the October, 2022 CBLE (Customs Broker License Exam) has been posted to the CBP website. The 11.1% rate is considerably lower than April, 2022 (39.6%) or October, 2021 (25%).

I often hear from recruiters looking for Licensed Customs Brokers so, apparently, there is demand. However, the difficulty of the CBLE, along with the stringent background investigation, present very big obstacles to anyone wishing to enter the profession. I doubt that there are any other licensing exams with pass rates this low, including the bar exam.

Pete Mento posted about this topic on LinkedIn in September and I completely agree with his thoughts.

Pass Rate Information

The October 26, 2022 CBLE resulted in a 11.1% pass rate prior to appeal decisions. 

The April 27, 2022 CBLE resulted in a 39.6% pass rate prior to appeal decisions.