How I Passed the CBLE

If you are planning to sit for the April 2023 CBLE (Customs Broker License Exam) it is best to start preparing now. I have had requests for study tips so am happy to oblige. The CBLE is difficult, with passing rates sometimes as low as 10%.

Recognizing that there are many different learning styles, here is what worked for me:

I took a prep course but, as good as it was, additional study was essential. I estimate that I spent about 50-60 hours on weekends leading up to the exam.

I downloaded 4-5 previous exams (320-400 total questions) from the CBP website and used a 3 Step process.  In Step 1 I took each test for accuracy, ignoring the clock. In Step 2 I took the tests again in the same order, while timing myself to make sure I could finish within 4 hours. In Step 3 I circled all the questions I had missed in Steps 1 and 2 and created a separate “final” exam which I took several times until I answered all the questions correctly.

Good luck but don’t rely on luck.