Want Fast or Accurate Classifications?

Tariff classification requests are often for a “quick code lookup” or a “ballpark duty rate”. For many commodities I may actually be able to provide plausible codes and duty rates with no research, but that would be malpractice on my part . Compliance adds value through attention to detail, established protocols, oversight, and documentation. HTS classification is the first step in both export and import compliance.

Proper classification includes HTS lookup, GRI (General Rules of Interpretation) review, checking both chapter and additional notes, as well as CROSS (Customs Rulings Online Search System). Specs, diagrams, and manuals are helpful. For some commodities it may be necessary to consult with a subject matter expert in engineering, purchasing, or manufacturing for details about the item.

These are the procedural steps of classification, but there is more. Most listings require interpretation of the tariff language based on experience. Finally, the process needs to be documented for future reference and parts lists updated.

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