Maintain Your Matrix

Mid-year is a good time to check your HTS and Schedule B codes. The HTS has been revised 10 times so far in 2023. The Census Bureau publishes lists of obsolete Schedule B codes in January and July. Reviewing your codes at least semi-annually is a good business practice. However, in small/medium companies with minimal staffing this can easily be overlooked. When working with new clients checking codes is my first step in helping them achieve compliance with import and export regulations.

Why not take it one step further and develop a parts matrix listing descriptions, HTS codes, Schedule B codes, ECCN, License info, Country of Origin, and any other relevant import/export data? Your matrix will enable you to document new parts additions and changes as they occur. All departments involved in trade will be working with the same information so errors and omissions will be reduced.

Contact for help with developing your matrix.