LinkedIn Comment- Infrastructure

Ken Davis • Regional Vice President of Sales at Omni Logistics

I don’t normally wade into to these issues but, this is important ! Everything you have in your home, business, manufacturing plant, eat and drink comes in on a truck. Those of us that drive everyday know, our roads are in need of repair, bridges need to be rebuilt, infrastructure needs a lot of work. We need safe places for our road drivers to layover and get fuel, eat and shower. We need safe bridges. We need better software at our airports to handle the flights. We need modern equipment at our ports to bring us into the 21st century! 

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB • Ad Hoc Logistics LLC, Int’l Logistics Consultant/Licensed Customs Broker

Thanks for a great post…a few points to consider:
1) Infrastructure does not get better with age and can’t fix itself.
2) Spending on infrastructure is an investment. It provides good paying jobs and wages will be spent in local economies. Recycle the dollars.
3) It can be done. Visit any EU country and compare the roads, airports, etc to the US. They are way ahead of us.