LCBs Protect Your License

Passing the CBLE (Customs Broker License Exam) and background check to obtain a Customs Broker License is a difficult endeavor. LCBs (Licensed Customs Brokers) know that they must file a Triennial Status Report and pay the associated fee every 3 years. But what if, for whatever reason, a broker has missed the deadline? If so you still have time to save your license. Here is some info from the CBP website.

Failure to submit a TSR and associated fee by February 29, 2024 will result in a license suspension by operation of law on March 1, 2024.

CBP provides a Certified Letter to each licensed broker who fails to submit a timely TSR and associated fee at the last known address on file with CBP.

It is the broker’s responsibility to maintain current address information with CBP.

Failure to submit a TSR and associated fee within 60 days of the suspension warning letter will result in a license revocation by operation of law without prejudice to the submission of a new license application.

This means that the revoked license cannot be reinstated, and the affected broker may submit a new license application.

License revocations are published in the Federal Register.