Are You Appealing?

I recently posted about CBLE (Customs Broker License Exam) results including a link for appealing specific questions.

From the CBP website: The applicant must submit a compelling argument why his or her answer is correct or why the appealed question has no possible correct answer.

We are well within the 60 day period for first appeals, but let me suggest a different strategy. If you are considering an appeal you are most likely very close to a passing grade and hoping to gain a reversal on a small number of incorrect answers.

In fact it is very difficult to gain additional points upon appeal, and preparing a compelling argument is time consuming. I know many brokers who have passed the exam on a second attempt. So, since you came close to passing the exam on May 1st, a better use of your time would be to begin preparing to pass the October exam instead of appealing your recent score.

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