As noted in a recent post, best practices in compliance include auditing Electronic Export Information (EEI) filings periodically. Self filers as well as logistics service providers (LSPs) know that EEIs must be filed for exports of any single commodity valued greater than $2500 USD or if a license is required. EEI filing does not apply to shipments from the US to Canada unless they require a license.

In Case You Missed It we have new filing requirements for exports to China, Russia, and Venezuela:

New mandatory EEI filing requirements effective 9/27/2020. Here is one of the the FAQs from the BIS website.

Q28: Are exporters required to file EEI for shipments of commercial items valued under $2,500 if destined to China and it is for commercial end use?

A: Yes. The new mandatory filing requirement in Section 758.1(b)(10) applies to all items that have an ECCN and are destined to China, Russia, or Venezuela, regardless of value, end use or end user. The only one of the exemptions in Section 758.1(c) that is available to overcome this requirement is License Exception GOV.

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