Respect Shippers

In all of my posts about export compliance I have written that it is a mistake to leave this function in the hands of a busy shipping department. This is not a reflection on shippers. Most that I have known are hard working, diligent, and not overpaid. They are under pressure to get shipments out the door on time and with accurate documentation. It is unfair to give them regulatory responsibility, especially without authority.

Export compliance is most effective as a front end process. Risk assessment and training are executive functions. Red flag screening should be done as early in the sales cycle as possible so that resources are not wasted on problematic orders.

It is, however, a good idea to give shippers some basic export compliance knowledge as a last line of defense. The ability to spot red flags before a shipment leaves the dock could save the company from fines and penalties. Why not have shippers take advantage of BIS’s free online training? On company time of course!

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