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Connor Helm Ocean Procurement Manager – Indian Subcontinent | Licensed Customs Broker

Hey Pete – under 30 licensed customs broker chiming in 👋. The high cost of the training courses are a huge barrier. Luckily my company sponsored me to take the test and paid for all expenses while also providing a raise in pay. That is how you incentivize young people to become LCBs. Alternatively schools like our alma maters should have a full credit elective that ends with you taking the exam. Each maritime academy has a business program full of students eager to separate themselves from traditional business students.

I also challenge the common saying that the brokers exam is harder to pass than the bar.. lawyers study for 3 years to take that test while many people sit for the brokers exam with little prep and less formal education.

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB Ad Hoc Logistics LLC, Int’l Logistics Consultant/Licensed Customs Broker

Connor Helm Excellent point about the bar exam. I have no doubt that it is difficult even after 3 years of law school. Passing rates are reasonable though. Maybe a better comparison would be other license exams such as CPA.