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Pete Mento•Commercial Director @ DSV | US Licensed Customs

Been a while since I poked the bear, but I’m fresh from a trip from DC and annoyed. We have a Customs Broker crisis. It’s only getting worse because of demographics. I’d like to challenge U.S. Customs and Border Protection to release some simple age statistics in tiers. What are the breakdown, by age of current license holders in the US? Assuming there are ACTUALLY around 13,000 still kicking around (I question the validity of that number), Then tell us how many are over 70, between 50 and 69, between 35 and 49 and under 34. You have that data since you have our SSNs. I’ll do some Good Will Hunting math with actuary tables and tell you, roughly how many are probably retiring and leaving this earthy plane (I love math and I have no life) Then I’ll make assumptions on the number not actually working on thier license (that number will disgust you). THEN – we look at how many take the test a year, pass it and pass the background check and get the ticket. I’m willing to bet it’s an upside down number. Want to fix it? It’s so easy…Apprenticship programs under the guidance of brokers and a system that requires time working in areas of the industry to learn the trade/Trade – then a test based more on practical knoweldge and less on repetitive questions. Being a Customs Broker is a financially and intellectually rewarding career. Stop making it so ridiculously hard to be one with your poorly conceived test. I’d also like to challenge our professional associations to help us bring more people into our tribe instead of looking for ways to monetize the new mandatory training hours. Unless we do something about this there won’t be anyone to train. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. I’ll be selling merch on your way out….#morebrokers…see moreinsightful

Mitch Kostoulakos, LCB Ad Hoc Logistics LLC, Int’l Logistics Consultant/Licensed Customs Broker

Excellent post Pete… I am in favor of continuing ed for LCBs. My thoughts on the CBLE:
1) Can anyone name another licensing exam with such low pass rates? I doubt it. Its is easier to pass the bar exam.
2) LCBs take a look at the April 2023 exam and see if you think you could pass it.